8 reasons to outsource your e-commerce product photography to FlixStudio?

You’ve finally decided to get serious about your e-commerce store. The products are all designed, and you’re ready to launch them on the world wide web, but how do you make the perfect pictures?

This is where FlixStudio comes in. 

FlixStudio is an online product photography studio that offers a wide range of services for women’s garments, men’s garments, kids’ garments, and accessories. FlixStudio offers high-quality product photography at a competitive price, with a team of experienced photographers that will shoot anywhere in the world. 

What’s more?

Our images come fully edited and prepped for marketing campaigns! So you don’t need to wait any longer to leave your mark in the world of online selling.

Let’s see why you should outsource your e-commerce product photography to FlixStudio:

1. We create images that meet the platform requirements

Publishing a product on multiple platforms?

You need to meet the image requirements of each platform. And at FlixStudio, we don’t just create photos or make them customized for each platform; we make your work almost zero and provide the product images directly on your e-commerce draft. So all you are left with is to publish the images.

2. Offers an end to end solution (everything is covered from photography to retouching)

With us, you don’t need to worry about photography retouching like skin retouching, background removal and setting canvas, and distribution customization required for different e-commerce platforms you are selling on. 

By minimizing your efforts to make your garments photographs look magical, we give you more time to expand and grow your business. 

3. Fast turnaround time

There is a saying that “Direction is more important than speed”, but when it comes to FlixStudio, we have been doing what we do for years, and now all that matters is to speed it up.

With your photographs reaching to you in 48 hours, we maintain speed and quality decreasing your market turnaround time and sometimes faster than even your garment reaches your warehouse.

4. Competitive costs

We know what most retailers care about most – their bottom line! And we provide competitive rates for photography. This doesn’t mean that we cut corners, but because we have an experienced team and are using the power of Ai.

FlixStudio provides you with a single shot at just $20. Learn more here.

5. Use AI for advantage

The modern world is driven by technology, which has led to a new era of innovation, intending to help us be better at what we do. The power of AI in this new era is incredible and can make your work more efficient than ever before.

At FlixStudio, we use the power of AI to create imagery at prices like never before while providing the best image quality.

6. No minimum MOQ

Get full control over the quality of your photos with FlixStudio. We like keeping bars high when it comes to your convenience. FlixStudio is a photography studio not afraid to explore these new technologies to create beautiful imagery for our clients.

We use technology, giving you the liberty to choose the product quantity. Whether you bring 1 garment or 1000, you pay the same amount for each image. 

7. Carry years of industry experience

Your product imagery is the salesperson for your brand when selling products online. We carry 10+ years of experience in product photography and make your imagery look perfect with our knowledge.

8. Expertise in e-commerce

We know how strict e-commerce platforms are when it comes to image guidelines. And keeping up with the guidelines of all platforms may seem a little overwhelming for you as a brand, especially when you have a lot on your plate already. 

We provide you with images for all e-commerce platforms you are selling on, so all you are left with is to publish them.

So to make your photography stand out in the market and make it sell better, give FlixStudio a try and see what magic an online photography studio can do for your imagery.


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Arunava Acharjee

(Product Marketing Manager)