A-Z Guide on Product Photography Prices

When starting in e-commerce, one of the most important steps is to find an excellent photographer to help you create beautiful products that sell. Depending on your product, paying as much as $1,000 for a high-quality photo shoot may be reasonable. 

And while some photographers are more affordable than others, there’s no need to break the bank on product photography. This blog will look at commercial photography rates and a breakdown of what you can expect to pay for different types of photos.

5 Things To Consider Before Finalizing Your Product Photography Budget

Product photography rates can vary depending on certain key factors. These include the service level, the photo shoot’s size and complexity, and the location.

Here are five tips to help you estimate your product photography rates:

  1. Know your needs.

What specific shots do you need? Do you want a wide shot or a close-up? Do you need additional poses?

  1. Determine the size and complexity of your photo shoot.

A mini product shoot may only need a few shots, while a significant jewelry launch may need days of shooting.

  1. Consider the location and surroundings.

Does your studio have adequate lighting? Will natural light be better for your products, or should you consider using artificial lighting? Are there any unusual props that would look good in your shots?

  1. ‍Factor in your skills and experience as a photographer.

Will the extra time spent on set resulting in a higher price tag be worth it to you? Are there any special photo software requirements you need access to?

  1. Ask around for estimates from different photographers before booking a shoot.

There is no one-size-fits-all product photography price for your fashion e-commerce business. Some freelance professionals can charge as low as $60. But it is essential to consider their level of expertise and your aesthetic goals.

Hiring A Professional Vs. Self-Photographing Your Product Line

Professional photographers generally charge more for their services. They have more resources, such as studio space and equipment. They also come with years of experience in commercial photography.

The product photography rates you’ll pay for your photos will vary depending on the size of your business and the services you need. So what are some of the most common pricing structures for product photography?

Typically, photographers will charge by the hour for their services. Some packages offer discounted rates for multiple hours worked. Some photo studios may also offer discounts on retouching or visual effects services.

When estimating your product photography rates, consider the time each step of your workflow will take. For example, say you have a primary in-house team of designers and manufacturers who can handle the basics of product photography. You might only need an hour or two to capture a high-quality image.

However, you may have to spend more if you have to outsource some steps (like sourcing a model or creating textures). These tasks typically require more time and resources and, as a result, cost more.

Additionally, consider whether your business uses Instagram or other social media platforms. If so, you’ll likely need to factor in extra costs for photo editing and enhancements for your images.

Product Photography Hourly Rate

Charging by the hour is the most common pricing model for product photography. Product photography’s hourly rate depends on the time it takes to capture a certain number of photos. They also depend on your location and experience. However,  you can expect to pay a product photography hourly rate starting at $50/hour.

If you are starting, it may be worth considering hiring a freelance photographer. Freelancers typically charge a lower rate and have more experience than most small businesses.

As your business grows, you may find that investing in professional product photography becomes necessary. The costs associated with high-quality product photography can range anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000+.

Product Photography Retouching And Editing

There are a few factors to consider when calculating the product photography rates for editing. These include the complexity of the editing task, the amount of time spent on it, and the required level of experience and skill.  Here are some average prices for different types of photo editing:

  • Basic photographic editing can cost around $50 per hour. These include fixing exposure, correcting white balance, and removing imperfections.
  • More advanced edits can run up to $200 per hour. These include reshaping facial features or adding textural effects.
  • Finally, creative projects can cost upwards of $500 per hour. These include creating fashion editorial designs from scratch.

It is important to note that these are average prices. Individual photographers will have different product photography rates based on their skills and experience. It is also worth noting that this price does not include any additional costs. These include costs associated with hosting or running a photo shoot. (such as studio rental fees or equipment purchases).

Higher-end services may cost more, while lower-end services may cost less. There is also a wide range of options for specific services, such as hourly rates, flat fee contracts, or paid monthly subscriptions. 

Professional Product Photography Studios – Benefits And Prices

Product photography can be expensive, but plenty of affordable options exist. Here’s a look at three main types of product photography and their corresponding prices:

Traditional Photography: Product photography rates for this type of photography vary greatly. The main benefit of conventional photography is the ability to capture high-quality photos. One can also factor in the experience and expertise of the photographer. Commercial product photography rates can generally run around $200-$2,000 per hour. 

It is worth exploring AI-generated on-model imagery if you are looking for a more affordable option. These services typically charge between $50 and $250 per shot. If you’re unfamiliar with AI-enabled professional photography, let’s start with a quick definition. 

AI-enabled professional photography studios use computer vision algorithms to capture products from various angles and perspectives. It allows them to create stunning 3D images that help retailers visualize their products in a way never before possible. This technology has revolutionized product photography.

AI-generated imagery makes it faster and more affordable for businesses of all sizes to invest in top-notch product photos. Plus, these studios can produce better-looking images than those produced by human photographers.

Now that you know the costs associated with a studio photo shoot, it is time to figure out which type of shoot is best for your business. There are a few things to keep in mind when calculating the cost of each type of photography.

Product Portraits:

The cost of taking product portraits can vary depending on the size and complexity of your shoot. But generally, it will range from around $150-$450 per hour.

Product Catalogs:

The price of creating a product catalog depends on the number and type of images you need. An essential record may run you $600-$1,200, while more complex catalogs can range in price up to $4,000+.

However, don’t let the high prices scare you away! A well-done product catalog can give your customers an easy way to browse your entire collection and decide what they want to buy.

Wrapping Up: Weighing All The Options For Your Next Product Shoot

No matter what your budget is, investing in professional product photography is well worth your time and money. Consider the numbers – more than 80% of online shoppers consider product images highly influential. While professional product photography rates may seem expensive at first, plenty of cost-effective options are available. 

An example is AI-generated on-model imagery. With modern photography platforms like FlixStudio, e-commerce brands can access high-quality product images at a fraction of the cost of traditional product shoots. Furthermore, FlixStudio renders realistic, diverse, on-model images at turnaround times as fast as 48 hours.


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