Are you still using old methods of product photography that’s wasting your time and money

Whether you are launching a new product line or want to enhance your existing one, product photography can be a daunting task. Some products, such as garments, accessories, are notoriously difficult to photograph. To ensure that your photos are consistently high-quality and reflect your brand image is impossible to let go.

Here are the signs that you are stuck with the old methods of product photography that’s wasting your time and money:

Not well-equipped studio with lighting and a variety of professional lighting options

An old product photograph will not be fully-equipped studio with lighting and a variety of professional lighting options but they will lack the access to a variety of extra lighting equipment. 

Product photography studio using old methods lacks the combination of lighting and contrast which is crucial as it makes a dramatic difference in the final image.

Less access to model availability

Whether you want a single photo of a single product or a series of photos of several items, you should be clear about the model availability and diversity you are looking forward to. And so should your photography studio be. 

Low model availability and diversity is one of the major signs of using the old methods of product photography.

Low RoI

Using old photography methods provide you with low Return on Investment. To put it in other words, the cost you spend on getting your garment photographed is high as per the profits you made from that garment.

The major reason for this can be the fixed costs that come along no matter how many garments you shoot, like studio rent, model charges, photographer charges. No matter if you shoot 1 or 100 garments, you pay a cost for these.

Has a set MOQ

Being a fashion brand you the chances of you facing Batch Problem are pretty high. And using the old methods of product photography you need to wait to get a number of garments ready before setting up the shoot. 

This brings to the problem where old methods do not appreciate 1 as the MOQ for a shoot.

The signs that we have mentioned in this blog are for you to know when you are stuck with those old methods of product photography. The old method is to go out, look for a nearest studio, hire a photographer, get a model on-board and get a stylist to get the final touch ups. After you have all these things set up, finding a mutual time available is the next challenge you face.

Setting all these things are not only challenging but also ineffective as you end up wasting your time and money. 

The modern day product photography allows you to just focus on one thing i.e. business and take care of the rest. We at FlixStudio expect you to send us the garment or mannequin images of the garments and take care of everything else on our own.

Here are the key benefits of using modern day product photography:

  • You can focus on your business and leave photography on us. 
  • No more costly photographers to hire for shoot, no need to set up a studio either.
  • You don’t have to spend hours searching for models that suit your brand image.

See more about how we can help you to save your time and money through product photography.


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Arunava Acharjee

(Product Marketing Manager)