Product Photography

surgical lighting

What is Surgical Lighting, and How is it Relevant to Selling Your Styles?

We rarely ever think about the role of lighting in surgical settings, even though lighting plays a significant role in illuminating operation theatres and examination …

image quality

Image Quality: The Differential Between a Good Photo and a Great Photo

Image quality is arguably the most important factor that affects your product photography and how the final image turns out. It is also a direct …

white background photography

Optimizing White-Background Photography for Your Apparel

White background photography is a classic commercial photography technique that is both promising and relevant in today’s thriving eCommerce market. Also known as high-key photography, …

spot on visual planning for instagram

Getting Product Images and Visual Planning Spot-on for Instagram

Social media platforms are fast incorporating eCommerce-friendly developments and helping businesses grow organically. With platforms like Instagram boasting over a million brand advertisements each month, …

product photography for amazon store launch

Product Photography for Launching An amazon Store

Launching an Amazon store is no small feat, and amongst all the requirements for setting up your store, getting Amazon-ready product images definitely ranks high. …

clothing product photography

Clothing product photography ideas for all apparel styles in 2022

Clothing and apparel product photography is among the most important components of eCommerce businesses and how they represent themselves across all channels and platforms. Be …

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