Style Your Next Product Shoot With Inspiration From These 5 Brands

If you are a fashion e-commerce business, chances are you already know how vital product photography is for your online store. Fashion is a visual industry, and customers enjoy when brands create outstanding product imagery that conveys a story.

With 22 percent of product returns attributed to inaccurate product images, getting your product photography right should be your priority if you want to grow your brand. Smaller stores can take their product shots, resulting in impressive results if done well. Many firms hire professional product photography agencies to improve their product photos and brand imagery. 

A professional product photography company can help you create a cohesive fashion lookbook or catalog, creative displays such as 360-degree images, and skillful post-processing. All of them can influence the final images. Whether you shoot your products in-house or with professional assistance, what remains essential is that you use your product photography to display your products in the most flattering light while staying true to your brand.

Here are five fashion firms whose awe-inspiring product photography can inspire your next shoot:

Eileen Fisher

Suppose your fashion brand has a minimalistic vibe. In that case, you can draw great inspiration from Eileen Fisher. This brand embraces systems and transparency in its entire fashion life cycle. Eileen Fisher offers timeless and high-quality clothing pieces with a focus on sustainability. Their product photography perfectly represents their values as a brand – clean, neutral backgrounds with a soft appeal and a strong focus on the clothing.

You can also incorporate text with your product images to highlight the fine details of your fashion line product. Look at this product image displaying an off-white box top with the mention ‘A Fair Knit Trade’. The print has a monochromatic, minimalistic, and upstate feel. The description highlights the brand’s commitment to ethical practices and environmental consciousness.

Most product photographs are photographed against neutral backgrounds like grey, beige, or brown, which complements and highlights the outfit. While most of the product images are shot against a neutral background like grey, beige, or dark colors like brown, the background complements the clothing and draws attention to the clothes. They include multiple images and angles and even share a product video to enhance the shopping experience. 


Lulus is an affordable luxury fashion brand focusing on bridal and glamorous clothing, shoes, and accessories. With their target audience being millennial women, Lulus’ eCommerce website features an array of lifestyle shots and creative displays of their clothing. As a shopper, you can easily relate to Lulus’s message as a brand and get drawn in by its stunning color choices and fresh looks.

The homepage features a wide variety of evocative lifestyle and contextual images of the products. Lulus showcases an assortment of homecoming, bridal, and wedding guest clothing in outdoor settings reminiscent of exotic locales and narrative-driven indoor shots. You can tell that their target audience is young with bold and vibrant color palettes and glamorous clothing. The product shots feature neutral backgrounds, which help the viewer focus only on the item, and lifestyle shots, which stimulate the shopper’s imagination.

The background colors are neutral and mostly warm, like a nude brown to create a summery look for the ‘wedding vibe’. Lulus features models of different skin tones and body sizes, with a range of product photos for each item. Close-up shots, contextual shots, and group shots are included on each product page. This is a delightful experience for any potential or existing customer. 

Free People

Free People is an online fashion store that uses highly evocative and visually appealing product imagery to display different collections. They are a bohemian, ‘free’, eclectic fashion store with a target audience that values freedom and expression in their lifestyle and fashion choices. If you browse their e-commerce website, you can sense their aesthetic instantly because of the well-planned themes, colors, and visual elements.

When you look at the dresses, many silhouettes are flowy, feminine, and comfortable. Free People uses a mix of lifestyle and studio photography to exhibit their clothing. Backgrounds vary from soft pink to grey and include outdoor locations like a beach or a swimming pool. It hits the audience with the right emotion as they browse through the product pages and understand more about the brand.

The activewear product page is a stunning visual, with multiple background settings such as a street, a tennis court, rocky terrain, and even a gymnastic setting, complemented with a gymnastic ball. Free People leaves no stone unturned when firing up your imagination and offering high-quality product imagery that keeps you scrolling. You can also zoom in on product images to view intricate details and textures.


Madewell is an urban fashion brand focusing on quality denim clothing and classics that offer comfort and style. You can sense the urban style through their product photography, with lifestyle and studio shots mostly taken in natural lighting and evoking a fresh, young feel. The styling is effortless, and the pictures are a mix of product shots and on-model imagery, creating a wholesome visual experience.

You will also notice that Madewell does an excellent job of sharing its story through creative poses, thematic color choices, backdrops, and props. In one of the product images, Madewell showcases a dress against a neutral backdrop created with what appears to be a carpet. The image is striking and tries to evoke a sense of individuality through this composition and styling. 

Madewell resorts to neutral greys and light backgrounds for their product pages to focus primarily on their products. It’s a perfect complement to their classic and semi-formal styles of clothing and accessories. The color palettes are pleasing to the eye and evoke a sense of casual sophistication.  Madewell even incorporates different flat lay photographs to offer their audience different ways to style a product.

Taryn Winters

Taryn Winters is a luxury lingerie and intimate wear brand celebrating the feminine form through breathtaking handcrafted clothing. Taryn Winters takes product photography seriously and uses artistic techniques and creative choices to make its products stand out. The imagery evokes a feeling of delicate beauty, comfort, confidence, and a sense of mystery – perfect for a lingerie brand.

As you browse through the homepage, you can see the large on-model images for each product category with various backgrounds, colors, and compositions. The brand uses contrasts, shadows, and artificial lighting to create atmospheric images that are undeniably captivating. They also use flowers as props, complementing the delicate clothing items displayed in the photos.

The brand uses close-up shots to enhance the handcrafted nature of their clothing with intricate details and images of the process to take their product photography to the next level. 

Wrapping Up: Taking Ownership of Your Product Photography Goes a Long Way

One thing that all of these five firms’ product photos have in common is a distinct point of view and clarity of vision regarding their brand’s values. Product photography does that for a fashion brand – compelling product images will speak for themselves and keep your customers coming back. 

With online fashion e-commerce competition expanding and social media’s influence on customer mindset growing, fashion firms must create beautiful product pictures for their websites and other channels. With the advancements in photography services and technology, AI-driven photography solutions are proving impactful in making realistic, diverse, and impactful e-commerce imagery for brands. 

AI-driven photography platforms such as FlixStudio offer end-to-end photography services such as AI-generated on-model imagery to produce high-quality catalog-ready images for your brand. FlixStudio is a smart solution for creating hundreds of on-model product pictures at fast turnaround times and at a fraction of the cost of traditional photoshoots.


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