Clothing product photography ideas for all apparel styles in 2022

Clothing and apparel product photography is among the most important components of eCommerce businesses and how they represent themselves across all channels and platforms. Be it engaging existing customers with high-resolution, evocative. Yet, accurate product imagery, or attracting new audiences through beautiful images on your website and social media, clothing product photography holds significant value today.

As the changing eCommerce landscape demands more from manufacturers and small businesses, there is more focus today on product photography, and for good reason. With over 75% of online shoppers depending on product photos to make a buying decision, eCommerce businesses that fail to incorporate compelling product imagery stand a chance to seriously damage their brand image and drive away promising prospects and customers.

This is especially true for fashion brands, given the importance of accuracy when it comes to evaluating options online. With high return rates, fashion eCommerce must leverage the benefits of high-quality product imagery and help reduce customer woes, while delivering exactly what was promised. For eCommerce fashion, this is everything. Think about why customers prefer well-shot product imagery in the first place. Product photography is the one medium through which shoppers can experience the clothing without touching or trying it on.

As an eCommerce fashion business, it is the responsibility of the brands to maximize the potential of product images and facilitate customer buying decisions and experience. 

Product Photography for Different Apparel Styles

While brands have the liberty to choose their own aesthetic and style of product photography, it helps to have established templates and photography styles that already exist and seriously uplevel your product images. Here are some of the popular fashion product photography styles that do justice to your clothing and bring out the best in your products –

Flat Lay Photoshoots for Capturing Basics and Male Clothing

As the name suggests, flat lay photography is done by laying your clothing products out on a flat surface like a table or floor and taking photos from above at a 90-degree angle. This is one of the product photography methods that has been around for a long time and works for businesses that want to keep it simple, but still add creative elements to their product images. 

This method is used for basic items such as t-shirts, jeans, socks, and trousers that don’t have excessive details or for brands that use Instagram as their major medium for communication and marketing. While flat lay photography is not recommended for luxury or intricate, detailed, or embroidered clothing, it is excellent for fashion brands that desire a simplistic yet high-quality view of their products.

Mannequin or Ghost Mannequin Photography 

Another popular product photography technique is to shoot clothing on an actual or an invisible mannequin, the latter called the ‘ghost mannequin’ effect. The ghost mannequin effect allows fashion brands to display clothing that has stretch or tight fit in a lifelike yet cost-effective manner. The photo shoot is done on an actual mannequin, which is then removed in the post-processing stage to render 3D, realistic apparel images that can help shoppers imagine how the product would look on the body. 

Ghost mannequin photography is fairly simple to conduct and can still offer beautiful, eCommerce-friendly product images that sell. They can be used for female clothing like blouses, tops, t-shirts, and more. The lighting plays an important role here. Since there are limited elements in the picture, it is crucial to capture the accurate colors and textures of the products when shooting. Having a robust lighting setup will help achieve impeccable images that focus primarily on the clothing and give the shoppers the visual information they need to solidify their purchasing decision.

Lifestyle Photography To Create Evocative Product Imagery 

Lifestyle photography focuses on composition, movement, action, and actual human bodies to share the brand’s values and instill an aspirational or storytelling aspect in your commercial apparel images. Big fashion brands such as Zara, HM, ASOS, and Forever 21 revolutionized product photography by making lifestyle clothing product imagery mainstream while letting the shoppers soak in the beauty of the product. 

The reason why lifestyle product shots work is that they fuel shoppers’ imaginations and fill them with possibilities. Imagine seeing a pair of jeans shot through the flat lay photography technique as compared to the same pair worn by a model in a beautiful setting that shows how the jeans would look when one moves or sits, or just be out and about town. Lifestyle photography does not focus on accents and details, but on the context and overall aesthetic of your brand, while constantly communicating brand values through images.  

Fashion brands can display any kind of apparel through lifestyle product shots, be it pants, sportswear, shoes, accessories, dresses, and shirts – the creative scope is limitless. Another very important benefit of lifestyle photography is that you can don your stylist hat or work with an actual stylist to create beautiful clothing pairings, and sell a lifestyle and not individual products through these images. As can be imagined, lifestyle photography also enables brands to successfully cross-sell and up-sell their products. 

The Classic – On-Model Imagery 

On-model imagery has been around since the time fashion became commercialized because no product imagery compares to the outcomes of a well-executed on-model product shoot. This is why fashion brands have stuck with it for many decades, given its relevance and ease of comprehension when it comes to evaluating clothing options.

There is no doubt that clothes look best on human bodies, especially when you are trying to sell them. From the shopper’s perspective, on-model imagery brings clothes to life and displays how they will look on their own body. With the rising importance of diversity and inclusion in fashion, on-model imagery has also evolved, with brands today focusing on relatability and healthy representation across platforms. This allows for a realistic display of clothing while communicating important brand values that eventually impact your sales, performance, and brand perception across audiences and set you up for long-term success.

Create Stunning Professional Apparel Product Imagery with Flixstudio

Without a doubt, product imagery plays a fundamental role in deciding a fashion brand’s reputation, sales, and values, and needs to be taken seriously by eCommerce brands. The ever-increasing competition and ease of product returns have made it even more important for fashion brands to display product images that capture details like colors, textures, flow, and accents accurately to make buying decisions easier for shoppers. 

Powerful photography platforms such as FlixStudio are helping eCommerce brands create AI-enabled eCommerce-ready images that increase conversions and sales. AI-enabled photoshoots help fashion brands cut down on turnaround times and costs while creating compelling, high-resolution on-model product imagery.


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