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Fashion e-commerce brands face fierce competition. It is especially true today with the rise of social commerce. But hiring professional photographers or shooting in-house can be an expensive affair. 

And if you have hundreds of products to shoot, the timelines and costs can be overwhelming. It is where AI-enabled e-commerce product photography studios can come to your rescue. 

These studios create beautiful product images in all types of environments and settings. AI-assisted e-commerce photography can make it easy to build a professional product portfolio. 

Not only that, but they can also create interactive product galleries. These galleries let customers buy global merchandise.

What are AI-enabled product photography studios?

An AI-enabled product photography studio uses artificial intelligence to create professional product images. Facial and image recognition algorithms allow AI-enabled studios to render stunning on-model imagery. The level of detail and realism is often better than traditional e-commerce photography. 

Further, AI-generated product photography costs a fraction of what traditional photoshoots cost. It allows brands to save time and money on their photography needs.

Fashion e-commerce businesses benefit from AI-enabled product photography studios. AI ensures realistic product photos for e-commerce.

Relying on AI and the outsourced team rather than your in-house team can keep your photography workflow lean. It can also help your team focus on important aspects of e-commerce photography.

Of course, choosing the proper photography studio can be a task. So, you must do your research before deciding which one to hire.  

Here are a few key factors to consider:

  • Price

The most crucial factor is the cost. These studios come in all different price ranges, so you must find one that fits your budget. However, AI-enabled product photography is much more accessible compared to traditional photoshoots.

  • Services offered

Another critical factor to consider is the services offered by the studio. Some provide essential photo editing services, while others offer more comprehensive packages. Before determining which studio to hire, you must decide what services you need.

  • Quality of photos

Image quality plays a vital role in establishing your brand identity. Many studios can offer attractive, professional photos.

Why invest in AI-generated e-commerce photography?

AI-generated e-commerce fashion photography helps you grow in the online commerce world. Here’s why you need to invest in it: 

  • Reduced time spent on product photography

Most fashion brands spend hours upon hours perfecting their product photos. With AI-generated product photography, however, you can eliminate this step. Have your studio create images that reflect the style and values of your brand.

  • Improved quality of photos

The quality of your product photography impacts the perception of your product quality. Compromising image quality can be the difference between success and failure. 

AI-generated e-commerce photography renders stellar quality photos that look professional and impressive. Now, customers won’t have to settle for blurry or low-quality images. Not to mention photos that don’t capture the essence of your company’s aesthetic.

  • Increased accuracy

AI-generated photography ensures product accuracy and brand consistency. This way, shoppers can connect with your brand better. Authentic colors and details are essential to help shoppers make informed purchase decisions.

  • Great-looking photos without a lot of effort

With AI-enabled studios, you don’t have to do much extra work to render stunning imagery. They do all the hard work for you while creating high-quality product shots for your brand.

  • Enhance the customer experience

The incredible quality of AI-generated product photography is a boon for online shoppers. For fashion brands, this can mean higher consumer trust and retention. Compelling product imagery adds value to shoppers’ online experience. And they reward you with repeat purchases and loyalty.

  • More inclusive and diverse product imagery

The fashion industry has been the victim of favoritism regarding on-model imagery. While things are changing, most fashion brands still display white and thin models. As a fashion brand, this creates a negative brand image and perception. 

Traditional fashion shoots may not include different models and body types. AI-generated imagery is a cost-effective way to represent the public accurately. It only enhances your brand’s reputation.

Services offered by professional product photography studios

The AI-enabled studios use state-of-the-art software to capture products in stunning detail. Plus, these studios are highly skilled at capturing realistic lighting and textures. They offer various services, from generating customized 3D imagery to retouching.

Some of the services offered by these studios include:

  • Automatic detection and correction of the product poses
  • Integrated photo editing software for editing colors, brightness, contrast, and more.
  • Enhanced recognition of physical products and accurate rendering of 3D models
  • Creating custom photo shoots based on customer specifications.
  • Adapting stock images to create unique shots
  • Automating complex tasks, like lighting and posing
  • Using facial recognition software to capture customer expressions

AI-assisted photo editing and retouching

Businesses can create stunning visual content with AI-assisted photo editing and retouching.  Some of the tools available for AI-assisted photo editing and retouching include:

  • essential photo editing tools such as cropping, brightness, and contrast adjustments
  • filters
  • tools to remove blemishes, and
  • advanced features such as relief mapping and AI-enabled face recognition

It can also give images a more natural appearance. Additionally, AI-assisted photo editing can improve image clarity and generate smaller file sizes. It results in less time spent on photo editing and timelier posts for your business.

AI-generated e-commerce photography improves efficiency.

So what does AI-enabled product photography mean for your business? Professional e-commerce photography frees up your team to do other responsibilities. Additionally, your e-commerce product photography’s quality and accuracy are undeniably superior.

Professional e-commerce photography is the gateway to higher sales and growth. All this while building your unique and consistent brand identity. Not to mention the lightning-fast speeds at which professional studios deliver the images. 
Studios like FlixStudio can render hundreds of quality images in less than 48 hours! FlixStudio delivers end-to-end AI photography, putting your fashion business apart.


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