Getting Product Images and Visual Planning Spot-on for Instagram

Social media platforms are fast incorporating eCommerce-friendly developments and helping businesses grow organically. With platforms like Instagram boasting over a million brand advertisements each month, this is proving to be the golden age for eCommerce businesses.

The platform has been embraced wholeheartedly by audiences around the world, with 79% searching for more information after seeing a service or product on Instagram. This is significant for eCommerce brands, given the visual and artistic appeal of the platform. Today more than ever, eCommerce businesses need to focus on beautiful and accurate product photography. 

Product photography for Instagram plays a pivotal role in building your brand’s persona and telling your story through your strategically organized feed. This is not just essential for your website and product catalog, but for all social media platforms. Thoughtful and intentional product photography can help eCommerce businesses communicate their brand values and build strong relationships with their customers on Instagram. 

What’s more, high-quality photographs directly impact your audience’s perception of your brand and your products. ECommerce brands need to leverage the power of high-quality and well-planned product photography to fuel the growth of their online business and establish trust among audiences. 

Why is Instagram Visual Planning Important?

Instagram is a visual medium, which gives eCommerce brands a brilliant opportunity to get creative with their product photography and incorporate visual elements to create a unique Instagram feed. There are many different ways to use Instagram’s features including filters and grids that allow brands to uplevel their feed.

Visual planning can help brands establish a sense of structure while still being able to create fresh, consumable, and high-quality visual content. This helps your team as well – a loose structure or plan can help you gauge what looks good and what can be made better. Planning your grid, themes, filters, and the types of photographs will make things easier for everyone and will also help you establish consistency in your visual language.

Consistency is key for Instagram – while users enjoy seeing variety in their content, keeping some parts of your feed consistent can nurture your relationship with your followers. This could mean having fixed days for Instagram Live Chat, Giveaways, Newsletter releases, and more. Establishing a cadence in your Instagram posts gives the audience something to look forward to and become a part of your online family. 

Creating Awe-inspiring Product Photography for Instagram

There are many ways of using Instagram to create valuable, engaging, educational, and entertaining content that converts users to customers. The key is – high-resolution product photography that aligns with your brand’s personality. Product photography for Instagram can seem complicated at first, but a few techniques and tips will help you create beautiful, shareable images – 

White Background Photography Never Goes Out of Style

Nothing speaks perennial like white background product photography. Product photography against a white background is a time-tested photography technique that is minimalistic and focuses solely on the product. For a platform like Instagram, white background photography can be helpful in directing the eye to the product and its beautiful details. 

It is true that despite its functionality, white background photography can be boring if that’s all you post on your feed. This is where planning your feed beforehand helps – mixing different types of shots and adding colors to your feed is a great way to keep it fresh while still focusing on the products. 

Flat Lay Product Images to Add Aesthetic Appeal to Your Feed

Instagram is the ideal platform to display your products in a flat lay format. After all, Instagram embraced flat lay images very early on, especially for clothing and jewelry. ECommerce brands can leverage this fairly easy way of showcasing products on a flat surface with colored backdrops and props to complement them. 

Colored backdrops can help you tie your feed together using a theme or color to establish consistency. 

Use a Mix of Lifestyle and Product Shots

It can help to use different types of product photographs to create an immersive Instagram feed that really gives your audience a taste of your brand. This is your space to get creative and use visual elements to weave your brand’s story. Mixing product shots, detailed zoom-in shots, and lifestyle shots can offer an eclectic mix of visual content to your audiences.

This also keeps them hooked and look forward to your posts. While product shots let your customers get a feel for your product, focusing on intricate details and accents, lifestyle shots evoke emotional and aspirational responses. Lifestyle shots can be excellent to bring your products to life by showing them in action, with people. 

Strategize Your Brand’s Colors, Themes, and Aesthetic

As mentioned earlier, strategizing specific colors, themes, filters, and aesthetic elements for your brand can seem like small decisions but can help you set your eCommerce brand apart from the competition. Colors can make a huge difference and using them intelligently will enable you to establish the right associations for your brand. 

Color themes and filters can also make it easy to create content and take faster decisions while building consistency.

Let the Audience into Your World – Behind the Scenes

Taking your audience behind the scenes is a new but effective way to strengthen relationships with your audience. By showing them how a product is made, what your workspace looks like, what materials are used and how, the people behind the brand, your design process, and anything that lets your audience into your world, you can build an intimate relationship with your followers and help them better connect with your brand. 

Experiment with Different Angles to Add Character

Product photographs taken from the same angle can look very static, boring, and lifeless. A platform like Instagram encourages thinking out of the box, and playing with angles can be an interesting technique to keep things fresh. It is not a product catalog after all. Your Instagram feed is an extension of your brand’s personality. Experimenting with different angles in your product photography for Instagram can yield beautiful results and enhance brand awareness. 

Leverage User-generated Content 

The best part about social media is the democratization of content creation. ECommerce brands are keen on leveraging social media to access user-generated content or digital content created by the brand’s customers, including images or videos displaying the product. User-generated content is a goldmine of valuable content that is free, authentic, and relatable. 

ECommerce brands, especially fashion brands can leverage UGC to foster trust among customers, and build a strong brand image. User-generated content yields incredible results – millennials are of the opinion that UGC is 35% more memorable than other media. 

Compelling Product Imagery – A Future-proof Way to Grow Your Brand

Product imagery is crucial for eCommerce brands to ensure sustained growth and build a loyal customer base. This is especially true for Instagram, a medium that is based on artistic and visual storytelling. With the rise of social commerce, it is inevitable that eCommerce brands will amp up their social media game to beat the competition and delight existing customers with compelling content.


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