Jeans/Denim Photography for E-commerce Stores

In the US alone, the denim market is a multi-billion dollar industry, expected to grow in the coming years. Denim is a durable cotton or cotton blend fabric that is widely used to create a diverse range of apparel, including jeans, jackets, dresses, overalls, and more. The versatility and strength of this fabric make it the most popular and accepted choice around the world. 

When it comes to selling denim products such as jeans, businesses today are exploring creative ways of relaying their brand’s USP and engaging customers with visual appeal. Photographing jeans is as challenging as it is exciting. The richness and versatility of the fabric give photographers myriad opportunities to experiment with images and highlight the superior weave/details of the jeans. 

Jeans photography needs to optimally showcase your denim fades, washes, color, and other intricate details to do justice to your product. The reason why you need good jeans images for your e-commerce business is that there are several brands selling jeans, and the competition only keeps getting tougher. With newer trends, body-inclusive fashion, and changing culture, jeans still maintain the ‘casual coolness’ about them. This is where brands can truly share what makes them stand out from the competition through visuals and your brand aesthetic.

Jeans photography can be done in several ways, depending on your budget, aspirations, and target audience. Planning a jeans photoshoot requires considering different factors such as lighting, what type of denim you sell (raw denim needs to be captured with more focus on the details), and whether you choose flat lay photography or use a mannequin or a model. 

There are many ways businesses can approach jeans photography to create beautiful, impactful photographs that convert and delight your customers. 

10 things to keep in mind for an impeccable jeans photoshoot 

When it comes to jeans photoshoots, it is essential to prepare well before diving into the process. Denim can be a tricky fabric to photograph, given its rawness and subtle details that make it exquisite yet accessible. 

Capturing the denim jeans’ fade, selvedge, weight, and weave is of importance to create beautiful, artistic images that resonate with your customers’ aspirations. Indoor lighting or busy backgrounds can fail to capture the construction of the jeans and can lead to a subpar jeans photoshoot.

Here are 10 things that you can keep in mind while planning and executing your next jeans photoshoot – 

Choose the right camera and explore its full potential

You don’t need an expensive professional camera to capture jeans and the intricate details that give them character. You can work with a smartphone equipped with a good camera and explore its settings to create vibrant, impactful images. 

Digital or professional cameras also work, but it is absolutely important to know your camera’s functionalities to truly explore its full potential. These include Aperture, Shutter Speed, and Depth of Field.

  • Aperture – It is the camera setting that determines how much of the photo is in focus. You can think of it as the iris of your eye – the wider it opens, the more light is let inside your eye. 
  • Shutter Speed – It is the part of the exposure triangle that helps your freeze motion, and capture fast-moving objects without blurring. 
  • Depth of Field – It is the measure of your photo between you and the furthest you can see that is in focus. 

A shallow depth of field implies that a small portion of your photo is in focus while other parts of your photo are out of focus.

Lighting – the most important factor for jeans photography

Arguably the most essential aspect of jeans photography, getting your lighting right can drastically enhance the quality of your images. You should not flood the space with lights. There needs to be a balance irrespective of whether you shoot in a studio or natural lighting. 

Indoor/Studio Lighting

When shooting in a studio environment,  be mindful of the background. Choose subtle colors such as white or tan to let the jeans be the center of attention, and use neutral surfaces such as sand, tiles, or concrete.

Using natural light/outdoor lighting

The best pictures are captured in natural light, at sunrise or golden hour. Do not shoot at noon and let the jeans face the sun. It is also important to avoid low sun settings or shady areas. 

Choose the right environment

Build the perfect composition to establish your brand personality through your jeans photoshoot. You can try using a tripod to explore different frames and create interesting images. Think about your location, the contrast, colors, and shapes. Having a well thought out composition will not only highlight the product but help your brand build character

Flat lay jeans photoshoot

One of the most common and acknowledged ways of photographing clothing, flat lay photo shoots can be excellent to focus on the intricate details of your jeans 


You have more control over lighting. Using a continuous source of LEDs is recommended. You must ensure that shadows, highlights, contrast, and exposure are balanced when shooting. 

Stuff the jeans

Use brown paper to stuff the jeans and create a more 3D effect. Build creases around the knees to make the images look closer to life.

Background – Lose the noise 

Jeans photography needs to focus primarily on the quality of the jeans and capture it in the best possible lighting and context. Make sure you focus on the elements that make your jeans superior, including the fade, color, and details such as selvedge edge, buttons, leather patch, and the fabric weave.

Background plays an important role in building the composition. While white backgrounds work, wood floors or tables provide impressive contrast, and so do light-colored fabrics. You can also consider experimenting with different textures such as rugs or wool.

Experiment with angles

Take photographs from different angles, be experimental, and try to find the perfect lighting for your images. This will also ease your work during the editing/post-processing stage.

Varying your angles displays the fade and fabric in unique ways. Choose the angles that best highlight the denim’s unique construction.

Tell a story with images

The most successful jeans/denim brands have used the power of storytelling to create their unique presence. Your jeans images can embody your brand’s personality and bring an artistic angle to your website images. Compelling imagery also attracts and engages your audience and customers, encouraging them to revisit your website and even make repeat purchases. You can experiment with varying compositions, locations, poses, colors, moods, and themes to give your jeans photoshoot a unique sense of aesthetic.

Get up close and capture details

While it is important to take pictures that display the denim as a whole, like in flat lay photography, your jeans photoshoot needs to have some high-quality close-up images. When it comes to jeans photography, you do not want to miss out on the beautiful, unique details that set one denim pair apart from another. 

Close-up shots help your customers and prospects in their buying journey by getting an intimate feel of the product. Take plenty of close-up shots with closed and open zippers, different frames, and poses. Bringing movement into the images can also be a great way of contextualizing your jeans images.

Leverage the right fit and frame

There’s nothing more attractive than a pair of jeans that fit perfectly. If you are using a model, make sure the jeans fit your model, flatter their body, and don’t sit baggy or too loose. Take images using multiple frames to build a strong and diverse portfolio of jeans images. 

Pose! – Build a telling composition 

When using a model for your jeans photoshoot, encourage them to include movement in their poses to fuel your audience’s imagination. Poses can really celebrate the excellence and fit of your jeans. Bring movement into your images by experimenting with diverse poses, and help your audience visualize themselves in your products. 

Leverage powerful jeans photography to grow your e-commerce sales

78% of online shoppers want photographs to bring products to life. As challenging as jeans photography can be, building powerful, close-to-life images can be the key to driving sales for your denim products while conveying your brand’s personality in novel ways.


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