Product Photography for Launching An amazon Store

Launching an Amazon store is no small feat, and amongst all the requirements for setting up your store, getting Amazon-ready product images definitely ranks high. Product photography holds tremendous importance in the eCommerce world, especially on a platform like Amazon which boasts high profits for sellers. With as much as 45% of Amazon sellers witnessing an increase in profits from 2020 to 2021 even as some consumers went back to shopping in physical retail stores, seller ambition and competition have never been tougher. 

Many Amazon sellers sell actively on other eCommerce platforms, imparting them with more eCommerce wisdom and tactics that increase online sales. Good product photography is the foundation for a successful eCommerce store, be it on Amazon or an independent retailer. Most consumers, as many as 90% rely on product images to make buying decisions, and why not, images are processed way faster than text by the human brain. 

Before launching your Amazon store, you will probably have a long checklist of tasks to accomplish, one of them being taking product images, editing, and preparing them for upload. Amazon however has specific guidelines and rules to ensure consistency and quality across sellers and industries when it comes to product images.

Product Imagery on Amazon

Amazon sellers need to keep product image quality in mind before planning the photo shoot. Image quality matters when it comes to Amazon – after all, you have only 8 images to display your product to the best of your ability. Making sure that the images are accurate, well lit, and detailed is just as important as the product quality itself. Sellers need to remember that online shoppers do not have the luxury of sensing or perceiving the product in any other way but through visual elements.

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of what makes an Amazon product image impactful, it is important to look at the technical requirements followed by Amazon sellers –

  • The permissible image formats for Amazon are TIFF (.tif/.tiff), JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg), GIF (.gif) and PNG (.png).
  • Product images need to be at least 1000 pixels in width or height.
  • There are two color modes used on Amazon – RGB or CMYK.
  • File names follow a specific format – the product identifier (ASIN, ISBN, EAN, or UPC) followed by a period and the file extension.
  • The background needs to be white and the product must cover at least 85% of the frame. (main image)

Before beginning the process, it will be helpful to keep these guidelines in mind so that there are no unexpected shocks while uploading the product images on the platform. 

Getting Amazon Product Photography Right for your eCommerce Business

Product photography for Amazon is no rocket science, but it can take some trial and error or some experience to strike the right strategy for your imagery. Here are some of the ways you can leverage beautiful product images to launch your Amazon store – 

  • White Background Photography

White background photography is minimalistic, professional, clean, and focuses only on the product, which makes it impactful even though some might find it boring. For Amazon, a white background is an absolute must to showcase your product well, helping the user accurately capture the colors, product details, and textures. 

In case the product being displayed is white, a light or neutral background that still keeps the product in focus is a good choice. 

  • Keep the Main Image Simple

The main image is what decides whether the Amazon user is going to engage with your brand or not. Focusing solely on the product and eliminating any distractions will help catch the eye of the users.

  • Leverage the Maximum Number of Images

Amazon allows a maximum of 8 product images in the listing, which makes it imperative for sellers to leverage this number. The more the number of product images, the better the chances of sales and conversions. Using a variety of product images also adds appeal to your listing, and can increase trust as you showcase your products in multiple ways. 

  • Capture the Product from Different Angles

Amazon customers are exposed to thousands of choices for a single product. This can put a lot of pressure on sellers to deliver impactful and engaging product photographs. The main image must be appealing enough for them to click on your product and peruse through other details and images. 

This makes it important for sellers to choose images that display their products in different angles. A denim jeans seller can choose images showing the denim’s wash, pockets, detailing, and other accents that offer the user a complete and expansive view of your product. 

  • Include Size Chart 

For fashion retailers, one of the images can display size and conversion charts to make it easy for users to find their size. Anything that makes the user’s experience simple or elevated should be incorporated into your product images. 

Not only will this aid the shoppers in their buying journey, but it will also help you build loyal customers over time. 

  • Include Contextual or Action Images

Contextual images show the product in specific environments, breathing life into your product. Since the main image of Amazon has specific technical requirements, sellers can exercise creative freedom in the rest of the product images. 

This could mean including contextual images or action images. Action images display the product in use. A sports apparel seller could add images of models moving while wearing the product. These product images fuel the shopper’s imagination and help them imagine using the product. 

  • Quality Matters

When it comes to product images for Amazon stores, investing in high-quality product photography can go a long way for your business. ECommerce demands sellers to provide the most intimate and realistic view of the products to facilitate a buyer’s shopping journey.  

High-quality product imagery can massively impact your brand image and online conversions. After all, 75% of online shoppers rely on product images while evaluating their options. High-resolution images can allow users to have an accurate look at your product and help them make informed, confident buying decisions. 

Leverage Product Photography to Unlock the Potential of Your Amazon Store

Product photography can be the deciding factor for an Amazon store’s success. With the competition getting stiffer by the day, sellers need to bring their best while communicating with potential customers. Investing in product photography can help online sellers reduce product returns, increase conversion and sales, build customer trust and loyalty, and create a strong brand. 

A professional photo shoot can be rewarding, but it can also be a confusing, grueling, and expensive process. AI-based photo shoots, however, are a gamechanger in the world of eCommerce product photography. Powerful AI-driven platforms such as FlixStudio eliminate the need for traditional, time-consuming photo shoots and render realistic on-model product imagery. 

The results are awe-inspiring – with one-fourth the cost of traditional photo shoots and faster turnaround times, FlixStudio delivers eCommerce and catalog-ready on-model imagery to help boost conversions for eCommerce businesses.


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