Want A Hike in Your Profits? Reduce The Turnaround Time for Your Product Shoots

Product shoot turnaround times play a significant role in the profits of any e-commerce company. If you want to know how to increase profit in business, one foolproof way is to have faster photography cycles. 

Photos of fashion products take time to perfect, so your team must deliver high-quality content quickly. This way, customers know they can trust your business with their shopping needs.

If you’re like most fashion e-commerce companies, you have a large backlog of pending photo shoots. If you’re unable to keep turnaround time down, customers may lose interest in your brand.

Not only that, but these delays will also hurt your SEO rankings. Getting photos done quickly and making them look great is essential if you want to compete in today’s online marketplace.

Understanding The Average Turnaround Time For A Product Shoot

If you want your fashion brand to succeed, you should get your product photos as quickly as possible. It is because your net profit will increase with the speed of your photography workflow. But sometimes, shorter turnaround times can lead to poorer-quality photos and less satisfied customers. That’s where understanding the average turnaround time for a product shoot comes in handy.

With the right turnaround time, they can help increase sales, generate feedback and even generate quality content. You can ensure that your shoots are speedy enough to produce results while keeping your costs low.

Product shoots require coordination between the photographer, model, and designer. It takes approximately eight weeks from the campaign’s inception until the images are ready to publish. It means that one week of post-production work is required for every eight weeks of shooting to prepare the pictures for e-commerce.

Many factors can affect the turnaround time for a product shoot. Some of them include the project’s size and complexity and your team’s level of expertise. So if you are wondering how to increase profit in business, investing in professional product photography is crucial. 

Professionals ensure that your fashion product shoot progresses at optimal timelines. Since they come with years of experience and access to the latest photography tools and techniques, your average turnaround times can reduce significantly.

Why Does Product Photography Take So Long To Perfect?

Product photography can be a tricky task. You need to consider many variables, from the correct lens choice to the perfect lighting setup. And, of course, things can never go as planned. You always have to prepare for whatever unexpected issues arise during a shoot.

That means that product photography can take a lot of time. Some photographers say it can take up to four hours to capture just one photograph. That’s a long turnaround time for a fashion product shoot.

There are four primary reasons for this: 

  1. Tedious prep work before the shoot
    Product photography can be labor-intensive, and there’s no one right way to do it. It includes getting everything set up, getting the right angles and light, and ensuring every detail is correct. That means you may have to try different techniques until you find something that works best for your product and brand.
  2. Post-processing

Shooting your fashion line is only one of the many steps in a product shoot. One of the critical stages is post-processing. It requires editing software to achieve the desired look for each photo.  

Retouching processes can further delay the timelines for your final images. Retouching includes enhancing skin tones, removing blemishes, and changing backgrounds.

  1. Ergonomics

One of the main factors that slow turnaround times for e-commerce businesses is the time it takes to shoot product images. E-commerce fashion brands often require multiple pictures for different product types and poses. 

It can add hours to what would typically be a mere few days’ turnaround time. Trying to shoot a product while it’s in use can be problematic, and you may have to wait until the right moment arises.

  1. Lighting and composition

The perfect product photo depends mainly on your lighting and composition quality. If you’re not careful, you could end up with an image that looks too dark or cluttered.  

Depending on the photographer and their experience, getting the composition right can take some planning and skill. Finding the right person for the job is fundamental to reducing your photography turnaround times.

How to Help Your Turnaround Times Faster?

Today’s fashion e-commerce world is hyper-competitive, with brands trying to one-up each other in all aspects. While trying to figure out how to increase profit in business, you can’t ignore the importance of fast timelines.

Finding the time to take photos of your latest fashion line can be daunting. By using some simple tips, you can help reduce the amount of time needed to shoot your product photos:

  • Plan your shoot ahead of time. 

Knowing what you want and having a plan helps ensure everything goes fine regarding the actual shoot. Make sure to allocate enough time for the setup as well as take breaks halfway through to avoid feeling pressure.

  • Use social media platforms to your advantage.

Tweets and posts about the shoot can help to generate interest from potential buyers. Use hashtags and other relevant topics to draw attention to your work.

  • Stay on top of technology and photography trends.

Use innovative software to help reduce post-production times and improve overall efficiency. Employ online photo editing software. Many photo editing programs offer advanced features for enhancing and manipulating image files. Utilizing such software can help you produce high-quality images at a fast speed. 

  • Stay organized.

Make sure all of your materials are at the ready and that everyone knows what to do. This way, there will be less confusion and less time wasted on setup.

  • Shoot outdoors.

One of the hallmarks of fantastic product photography is its realism. Using as much natural light as possible creates a truly stunning look. A natural setting will give your photos a more organic look, showcasing your clothing in its best light.  

  • Shoot in batches. 

Instead of waiting until the last minute to start shooting your product photography, try taking advantage of batch processing software. It will allow you to shoot several photos at once. Batch shoots can significantly reduce the turnaround time required for final editing and publication.

  • Take advantage of outsourcing.

If you have many products to shoot, consider outsourcing them to a professional photographer or photo studio. Such an arrangement will likely result in a faster turnaround time, as the photographer can work quickly and efficiently.

Alternatives To Traditional Product Shoots

By now, you’re aware that your net profit will increase with increase in the speeds of your fashion shoots. And brands are always looking for ways to reduce turnaround time for their product shoots. But no matter how skilled your photographer is, there is a limit to how fast you can achieve high-quality images of your products. 

One powerful way to do this is to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. AI can help you take pictures, plan layouts, and create models more quickly and efficiently than human beings. Plus, it can keep track of changes so that you don’t have to redo work once it’s complete.

AI facilitates various processes in the fashion industry, from styling and editing photos to detecting and correcting color errors. Using AI algorithms to analyze your images, you can speed up the process of identifying and fixing mistakes. It can save you a lot of time and ensure that your products look their best when published online or in print.

Today, you can use computer software to automatically capture specific images or videos of your products while on a model or in a setting. You don’t need to spend hours photographing product shots one at a time. AI can help you take multiple photos in a fraction of the time and ensure that each image or video is of the highest quality.
With the rise of technology-forward professional photography studios and services, e-commerce brands can achieve incredible product imagery at lightning speeds. AI-enabled platforms like FlixStudio offer e-commerce-ready product images at turnaround times as low as 48 hours. For fashion brands, this means increasing net profits while producing stunning product images at low costs.


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