What are the new technologies being used in Fashion Studios?

With the advanced technologies, fashion studios are now using different tools and software to give retailers better and high-quality images. These technologies have reduced the time and cost of the apparel or product shoot.

Before discussing the new software and tools used, let’s get into why using technologies can be beneficial:

High-quality images

When it comes to a successful E-commerce store, it is all about perception. These software and tools provide you with the best high-quality images from better angles that justify the price tag and give your customers a similar to larger-than-life experience.

Reduce customer returns

Nothing hurts more than a customer returning your product as it adds extra cost to ship and restock to the inventory. But, it can be reduced.

The quality of images generated from these tools will allow users to view them from different angles and perceive the features that a typical photograph never justifies. Researches have also suggested that images generated from these tools have increased the likelihood of customer purchase.

Saves Time and Money

Traditional photos can be expensive and take months to shoot. Retailers go through many processes like renting a studio space, equipment, Hiring photographers, hiring models, etc.

Retailers can skip all these processes with virtual photography software and AI-model imagery tools and save a lot of time and money.

AI model imagery process

The new technologies being used in the Fashion Studios:

Virtual Photography Software

A typical product shoot involves a lot of hassle, and after the final shoot, images require a lot of editing to enhance the eye-catching features. Moreover, similar products with different colour patterns need to be shot differently, each with every angle.

These processes can sometimes be endless! But, virtual photography software takes care of all in a single shot and gives you a high-quality product image with a better look and feel.

Virtual product photography also gives you realistic CGI or computer-generated images, and one of the most significant benefits of CGI is enhancing the customer experience digitally. The imagery created by CGI gives your customer the same touch and feel that they would experience in offline shopping and cost a fraction of what you would pay for a traditional photo shoot.

Automated On-Model Imagery Technology

Automated On-Model Imagery tool or AI-On-Model Imagery tool is the future of the online fashion industry. Brands like TATAcliq, FLAVA Inc., NAMSHI, CENTRIC, DIESEL, and many well-known brands around the globe rely on this technology to boost their revenue and reduce the product photoshoot cost.

This tool helps fashion retailers with high-quality On model product photos without going through the process of the traditional photo shoot.

Automated On-Model Imagery Technology

GAN Technology

Generative Adversarial Network is a technology used to create a realistic image of products on models. It allows retailers to choose from various accurate models of different sizes and ethnicities.

Shoppers can now visualize their most liked garments in different sizes and colors on models of various sizes.

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